Anadi Anant


Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam
The World is One Family

The Anadi Anant Vidya  Kendra in Allahabad carries out charitable work, or service to the community, under the name of Yogadadaati.

This service to the community can take a variety of forms. For example it can be such things as:

Sponsoring the education of children from low income families.

The setting up of a school.

The provision of toilets.

The provision of a clean water supply.

Providing education in basic hygiene.

Organising the regular collection of rubbish.

The donation of food.

Medical assistance.

Sponsoring apprenticeships, further education, career development.

Our intention is to identify where in particular Anadi Anant can best be of service, with limited resources. 

Over the last sixteen years Anadi Anant has provided free, or low cost, accommodation to a number of families in need. These families have now all moved on to brighter futures