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Anadi Anant

Anadi Anant has been very busy this year. Some of the events are listed below. For the charitable work carried out by Anadi Anant please see the Yogadadaati and Current Projects pages.

Two books have been published during the course of 2016.

The first is a book entitled 'Jaykant Mishra Samagya', about the life and achievement of Dr Jaykant Mishra, the father of Mrs Mishra. It is published by the 'Mithila Sanskritik Parishad'.


The book launch took place in Kolkata, with Keshar Nath Tripathi (Governor of West Bengal), as the chief guest.

The second book, entitled 'Sri Geet Govind Mahakavyam', has been written by Sri Ram Kishor Jha, a scholar of the Ganga Nath Jha Institute in Allahabad, and is published by the National Sanskrit Institute.


                                           Sri Ram Kishor Jha with his book                                   Mrs Mishra with the author at the Ganga Nath Jha Institute  

The 'Geet Govind' is a work written by the 12th Century poet 'Sri Jayadev Ashtapadi'. The Ganga Nath Jha Institute in Allahabad 
had in their possession an incomplete manuscript of a commentary on the 'Geet Govind' written in Maithili by Krishnadatta sometime during the 17th century. 

Anadi Anant had a role to play in assisting Sri Ram Kishor Jha in his research work for the book, in that we were able to locate and obtain a complete copy of the 17th Century Krishnadatta manuscript from the British Museum.

A page from the manuscript

Several Festivals were celebrated in 2016, both at the Centre in Stoke on Trent, and at the Vidya Kendra in Allahabad, India.


         Saraswati Puja Stoke on Trent                                    Shivratri Puja Anadi Anant Vidya Kendra                                Janmastami Puja Stoke on Trent


          Ganesh Chaturthi Puja Stoke on Trent                         Holi Celebration Anadi Anant Vidya Kendra                    Deewali 2016 Anadi Anant Vidya Kendra
                                                       Deewali 2016 Anadi Anant Vidya Kendra