Current Projects

  Anadi Anant

Current Yogadadaati Projects:

In February 2015 Mrs Mishra identified Amiliya School, a village school situated just outside Allahabad, as a possible project.

In 2016 Anadi Anant was able to donate wood and iron frames to the school. These were used to make desks and bench seating for the pupils 

Mrs Mishra oversaw the tree felling, wood cutting, iron frame making and installation in the school. She can also be seen above taking a class.

Amiliya school is in a rural area and is in need of financial support. 

It desperately needs a new roof and has no toilet facilities. 

The roof and toilet facilities are long term projects that Anadi Anant is 

to consider for the future.

In 2015, as a first step, 
Mrs Mishra purchased a 
sewing machine and 
engaged an instructor 
to give sewing classes 
to the girl pupils.