Welcome to Anadi Anant
Yoga, Meditation and Reiki Centre plus Gift Shop based in Stoke on Trent England

We offer a range of programmes including Yoga, Meditation, Reiki and various healing therapies for Body, Mind and Spirit.

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Anant Yoga is a powerful spiritual practice and not merely an exercise routine.
  • One to one tuition
  • Classes set according to individual requirements
Discover a centre of calmness, peace and joy, deep within yourself
    • One to one tuition
    • Scientific approach
    • Foundation course for beginners
    • Advanced course for the more experienced 
Reiki is both a system of Spiritual discipline and a healing therapy that originates from Japan. Anadi Anant offers both Reiki treatments and Reiki courses.
  • Reiki therapy
  • Reiki courses
 Discourses on Yoga, plus chanting and simple
  exercises that can lead towards a meditative state.
  Every Tuesday evening at Anadi Anant

                        Gift Shop 

 The Anadi Anant Gift shop has a wide range of
  products, including Pottery, Wood, Metal and Stone
  craft items, Crystals, Silver and Semi- precious
  stone Jewellery, Textiles, Candles, Aromatherapy
  products, Incense, CD's, DVD's, Books, Yoga and
  Meditation aids,Ayurvedic teas and Health
  supplements, Greeting cards and much more.

 Complementary Therapies

 Anadi Anant offers a range of
 complemetary therapies, including an
 authentic tradition of Indian Head
 Massage, Crystal therapy and Sound
  • Indian Head Massage therapy
  • Indian Head Massage course
  • Crystal therapy
  • Sound healing

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